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Can you change the standard aircon to the thermotronic

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Does anyone know if you can swap the standard climate controlled fitted in the R171's to the thermotronic climate control simply by changing the unit fitted in the bottom of the dash?

Is the wiring fitted and would it work?
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Hi Andy,

I don't know the definitive answer to this, but the thermotronic option isn't just a head unit in the dashboard. It also incorporates a dew sensor and a solar sensor (which I believe is on top of the dashboard) and an additional vent also on top of the dashboard. I think these parts would also have to be installed/replaced to perform the upgrade.

To be honest, although I went for the upgrade it was mainly for aesthetic reasons - I just preferred it to the look of four separate rotary knobs. I doubt that the system makes a huge difference in practice, so I'm surprised you feel you want to make the upgrade at this point.

That said, for the last 2000 miles I have just left the air circulation on auto and have never had to manually direct the air in the car, so maybe it does do something useful.

Hopefully somebody else on the forum can provide a more definitive answer for you.
Since I posted my last reply I've been over to the German site ( and by coincidence there's quite a discussion running on this very subject. There's even a reference to a guy on Ebay who is trying to sell the Thermatronic head unit - albeit only to supply in Germany.

The altavista babelfish translated link is below:

I've now read through the link and it seems a straight swap can be done and there are even detailed instructions with pictures of how it can be done (available from a link on page 4 of the discussions). There's some discussion of the limitations, but if you just want to have the look of thermotronic which continues to control the thermatic system then there shouldn't be a problem.

Hope this helps
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