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I suppse you can remove it, there are a lot of components and electronics. If the car is a little bouncey, I would suggest checking the accumulators, if the shocks dont leak, they are usually good. MB shocks are far superior than US OEMS, I would challenge your statement and rarely fail before 100k.
Accumulators do fail, but are only $100 or so, I had mine replaced and the bounce is gone, my service advisor (MB) laughed when I asked to replace the shocks.
ADS and the self leveling function (oil and pressurized nitrogen) depend on the system having residual pressure, removing will also effect the spring heigth. BTW have you checked the setting switch on your dash, there are 3 settings.
This is not the airbag system that Lincoln uses!
I love it when benzes get compared to US cars. The only thing you should be buying at napa for your car is oil and washer fluid. Stick to Quality german products. And stay away from Beck-Arnley junk. Just reboxed junk. Your shock is the nitrogen accumulator. Whats doing all the work at the wheel is nothing but a piston. If its not leaking- there is NOTHING wrong with it. Change the accumulators, have the height adjusted properly and you will be HAPPY.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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