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But that was the past. They're over that now. The cars they've sold more recently, like last week, have been basically trouble free. I don't know why people keep dredging up ancient history.
Trouble-free? My dad's 2005 C270 started giving engine problems after a mere 12000 km of considerate driving. By comparison, his 1982 300D has only had brake pads replaced after 25 years and 340 000 km (apart from regular oil, and filter replacement, of course). In fact, it's just about finally run in.

I myself will hold on to my second-hand older Merc for as long as I can, and NOT buy a new Merc as long as their build quality is iffy, their engines fragile (and expensive to perform routine maintenance on), and I don't have the option of a manual gearbox on my choice of engine. If they can't build a manual gearbox, get one from a company who can. Sorry to all new Merc fans, but it's my money...

I agree with elbeik as well: KISS - keep it simple. the average motorist doesn't NEED a sun roof, electric windows, electric seats, electric sunroof, etc. They need a relaible car. These other features are nice-to-have's, and I would gladly specify my car without all these things that only add weight and cost without value.
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