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CAN bus ML350 04'

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Is it one common CAN bus in this car connecting all the module or do does it exist several independent can buses? it's a little difficult to decide from the wiring schematics.
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It's not possible to generalize here. I have identified Can-B, Can-C, MOST and LIN bus. Some systems use only one, others use more than one.

For example, transmission uses only Can-C bus. Airbags, Horn, Parktronic use both Can-B and Can-C.

Radio control uses MOST, Can -B and Can-C. Heated seats use Can-B and LIN. It is not simple. :(
nilstores - could you do the forum the courtesy of filling in some details with UserCP ^^^ to let us know your location, etc.

From your previous thread on this topic, you are mainly interested in the engine control, which is handled by CAN-C. Can-B is used for Interior control functions.

The BUS/module connection details can be put on 5 jpeg images using a screen grab from my WIS DVD. If you pm me with an email address, I will send those images as attachments which you can then print out.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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