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Can anyone help me with this car?

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This is yet another post about my 1999 C280...

Last night, I was driving and using the CD changer when the BAS/ASR light appeared once again. I pulled over and stopped the engine. I waited about a minute and restarted the vehicle. The light went away, but the radio was playing FM...odd. I pressed the CD button and it told me "NO CD CHANGER."


I drove it home and then removed the CD magazine when I got home. I smelled a burning smell...don't know if it was rubber, oil, or wiring...from the perimeter of the car. It may not have even been coming from the car, I don't know...

I used the car this morning for a quick trip to the store and adjusted the power seats. I didn't bother trying the CD changer again.

I just went to use the car again...

I put the CD magazine back into the changer.

I got in and started the car...the radio would not come all.

The power seats (both of them, and all the controls relating to them) would not adjust at all.

The mirrors still worked, the windows still worked, and the sunroof still worked.

I restarted the car about four times and the radio (and CD changer!) began working.

The seats did not work until I was on the highway doing about 60 or 65, and then they worked normally...

...Has anyone else seen this?

1999 C280, 138500 miles.
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+1 "Check the battery voltage (ign OFF), then battery voltage (engine idle - it's battery charging voltage now) and battery voltage (at ~3000 RPM, P or N)."

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