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I hope someone can help me with this....

I have just bought a 2004 c180 kompressor coupe. I have never had a merc before and have no idea on the systems etc. I also have no manual:confused:

When I press the CD button on the 'music bit'(Dont know the technical term!!)It says CD error - the radio stays consistently on and then after about 3 secs it displays the radio station I am listening to again.

I have had a quick look on the forum and it seems like I may be able to fix it myself. I found a service invoice from mercedes that said on the invoice report that 'cd is stuck in the player. After a quick look it will need a strip down or a replacement unit. Can anyone advise?

Also there are controls for a phone - the number and on the steering wheel there are connection buttons. At the time of sale it was £800 to have it connected so my brother didnt go for this( Thats who I bought the car from) is there a way I could do this also?

Thanks in advance,


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Welcome to the forum, Emily 1982.

You would normally have no cause to look at this, but the W220 S-Class Encyclopedia at has sources for the various manuals for Mercedes. Unfortunately they are for North American versions, and I am guessing you are in England or elsewhere in the British Isles. The principal differences will be in the audio system, however. And your steering wheel will be in a position that we like to describe here as "the wrong side." :D

Unfortunately, the sources I have for repair of audio components are also in North America - perhaps an internet search on "Mercedes Audio Repair" will get you some facilities closer by. The problem you described is often caused by a stuck sensor that can sometimes be cleaned, but it requires opening up the CD changer.

You can add a phone system, but the one used in Europe is quite different from that used in North America. I can't be of much help to you, but there are several strong European contributors who may. You can get a strong start at - enter the kind of car you have (W203) and select the system you want information on (phone) and you will get some very helpful information. It's a European site, and is one of the best I am aware of for both European and North American systems.
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