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can anyone help! (115 220 1969 wipers)

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just wondered if anyone out there could help me sort my wiper problem out? well this is how it is the car is a 1969 220 (115) and slowly but surely the wipers have stopped returning to the central down position,instead they have inched up and now they stop in the very distracting vertical position!!!!
. I have had a look and it seems as though there are no external parts to fix!!! although i'm guessing im probably very wrong.any help or advice would be gratefuly apreciated.

Kind regards bill
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Remove the wiper motor,there is plate ,and under the plate is a disc wghich has probably become carboned up or is greasy.spray some contact cleaner on it.Other than that the park mechanism has failed ,so if you have the wiper motor off,replace it with another from a wrecker.[:)]
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