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I'm in the process of "retro-fitting" my entire idle control system with air brake hose and brass fittings:surrender:; all in the name of getting around purchasing the two mediocre rubber hoses that connect each fuel injector holder rail to the cold start valve port.

My dealership has no idea where these parts are, let alone what to order. It's not even on thier EPC. :mad:

Basically, when the car is idling, the throttle plates are closed. The ICV redirects air coming into the fuel distributor around a convoluted circuit that litterally just gives each injector its own air supply.

The air comes into the FD plenum, and is routed up through that little white plastic port (that actual plastic part is a connector for the elbow that goes onto the ICV), into the Idle Control Valve, out the valve and into the aluminum block that holds the Cold Start Valve. After exiting this block, air is then routed through a rubber hose which tee's-off to another rubber hose that connects the two cylindrical rubber rails (one near the inside of each valve cover) that act as a manifold for each fuel injector holder. The fuel injector holders allow air to be mixed with the fuel in the intake manifold.

All the major components of this system are made out of rubber; an excellent choice of material for a part that is constantly cooked upon the engine.:rolleyes:

Replacing these rubber bits will eliminate most any vacuum leak the car may have in this system. Allow for a stack of cash 1" thick to replace these parts.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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