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Do you guys all have Carquest auto parts where you live?

When I picked up my 107 in NC, one of the things I had to do, which I forgot about until this thread, is replace the bypass hose to the aux air valve.

It was $14. Probably not an original MB part, but they had ALL of the rubber hoses available for the 1973 model Benz. Napa and Autozone had no idea what a Mercedes was, and the MB dealer could not or would not bother to find the part for me.

Probably worth checking out. It had an MB number stamped on it. All of the hoses were inexpensive.

Carquest has some special book to look up old foreign car parts.

I would not buy most parts for my car from a chain parts company, but rubber hoses? Why not.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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