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Can the AC control panel from a ‘99 E320 with electric radiator fan be programmed to work in a ‘98 E320 with clutch fan?

How about the other way around?

How about V8 panel in V6 car?

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You should be able to control the aux fans with the 99 controller with version coding.

V8 to V6: If we are talking about both having aux fans (e430 and E320), it should work too.

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I think he means going from E320 with electric fan into a E430 with mechanical clutch fan and an aux fan.

I'm actually in the process of retrofitting aux fans into my E55, since the wagon was a E320 originally, so big electric fan and nothing else....whereas the E55 had mech fan and aux fans.

I'm pretty sure that the wiring diagram is the same, and the fan controller is the same for both main and aux fans. Just the connection is different.
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