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I had my 1999 SLK 230 in the shop 2 times to fix the camshaft timing solenoid seal leaking. This was not long after I bought the car and was still under the 1 yr. warranty I had.
Anyway I wasn't going to try for a 3rd. and decided to find a fix myself.

My solution to the problem:

1. clean outside of the solenoid area with safe solvent get as deep into crevice as possible

2. dry area with a hair dryer ( I know it sounds goofy ) but it works!

3. get a good quailty gasket seal and apply as deep as you can get it in.

4. dry with hair dryer

5. do not drive car let gasket seal cure. ( preferable do job after you put your car were you store it for the winter ) 6 months of cure on the seal.

6. check area after driving to see if it has stop leaking. This process my not work if your leak is really bad. In my case it wasn't that bad because I had it sort of repair 2 times.

Good Luck:)
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