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Just did this job (mostly). As people have said, bank 1 (passenger side in North America) is pretty easy. I only had to remove the wire connectors and use a small socket wrench with E8 socket and a short extension. A Gearwrench E8 is handy too.

The driver's side was another story. My E8 Gearwrench got trapped between the screw and the oil cooler while trying to remove the lower screw on the intake. That got a bit ugly until I managed to get it out.

The tip from Vortecpwr to use a 1/4" wrench is essential if you don't want to remove both the power steering reservoir and oil cooler. It grabs the E8 screws very well and fits where sockets and larger wrenches won't. I had to remove the camshaft position sensor to have room to slide the solenoid out.

After studying the lower screw on the exhaust side bank 2 camshaft solenoid I couldn't see a way to get it out without removing the PS reservoir. I'd like to see a DIY explaining how that's done!

So I've replaced 3 of the 4 camshaft solenoids and my CEL is cleared. If the last one goes bad it would be worth paying a tech unless someone has a trick to share.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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