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Camshaft Position Sensor Location

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I just started getting the dreaded P0341 code (faulty camshaft position sensor). I'm confident that I can change the part myself but have no idea where this part is located. Where on the car is the part located? or where can I find a diagram? Everything I've found is how to change the Crankshaft sensor and nothing on the Camshaft Sensor. Thanks in advance
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Hi Red - welcome to the CLK forum. Please use the UserCP ^^ to add your details.

Here's a pic from the CLK WIS which may help you. If fitting, the Nm = 8.
Thanks so much. I've ordered the part and will replace as soon as it comes in. Again, thanks.......
Keyhole, thanks for the help. Part came in yesterday and was on within 5 minutes.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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