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1992 400 SE
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Dear Mr Dietrich
David here from Perth,Western Australia.
i have a 400 se , i was just wondering if you had any thoughts on a fault i have, last night the engine stopped as i rolled into my driveway , and will not run, if it is left for 15 mins or so, it will restart briefly for 1 or 2 seconds , and the exhaust smell is strange, then stops again and wont re start,. It has been rattling from the chain tensioner, which i try to prime the oil pressure when i first start by start stop several times untill the pressure needle rises in the mornings . then i start it up and the pressure is ok, the rattle stops, the only thing at 2500 rpm on the highway the needle drops to zero, and red light comes on, i was told this fault comes from the digital temp readout by the mechanic who replaced the hydraulic chain tensioner around 50,000 km ago.
i would really apreciate your thoughts , if u have any .
Regards david.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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