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Camshaft Compatibility

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Which North American M116/M117 camshafts are compatible with which engines? I understand the early mechanical lifter cams might have a longer duration and less lift than the cams used with hydraulic lifters.

In other words, can I pull a 4.2, 4.5, 5.0, or 5.6L cam and use it in my 3.8 as long as it has hydraulic lifters? I'm in desperate need of a passengers side cam and I need to confirm compatibility.

Thanks so much.
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Why don't you post your VIN and the donor's VIN? We'll look it up in EPC and tell you.

I can tell you that the 420SEL and the 560SEL have different cams. IF the 560SEC engines are the same with 560SELs, then that would extend accordingly.
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