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1966 230SL, 2006 C230
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Hello Pagoda Enthusiasts,

The W113 Pagoda SL Group ( is hosting it's 3rd Pagoda Tech Session in Ohio. If you own or have any interest in owning a W113 chassis Pagoda (230SL, 250SL, 280SL), then this event is a must for you.

Typically, a tech session is a bunch of car guys getting together and "talking shop" all afternoon. This is a tech session on steroids. Why?

1. The host and his facility. Joe lives in a house attached to a professional grade automotive workshop located on about 4 acres. He once ran a Mercedes parts & service business on this property for a number of years. He probably has 20 or more old MBs outside rusting away, but tons of good used parts are stocked in the shop. He's restored several MBs and has owned and raced them since the 1960's.

2. The attendees. I think we had about 40 last time and they came from as far away as California, Texas, Minnesota, New York, and Virginia. There will be many owners there and several W113 "Pagoda" cars. I think there were 8 or 9 cars last time. The cars will be in various states from fairly worn factory originals to beautifully restored ones. The owners will be everyone from mechanical novices to mechanical professionals. Everyone is there to share what they know and to learn from others. It's a big knowledge exchange that lasts all weekend. (Bring a hat, sun screen, and possibly insect repellant as we'll be mostly outside.)

3. The agenda. There's no formal hour-by-hour agenda to the tech session. Last time we had a few special presenters so we gathered everyone around when they were ready to speak on their topics, but there is no time table. We find this works fairly well because people can feel free to ask any question at any time. We do some hands-on work on both the attendee's cars and on "test" cars or parts. You can get as dirty as you like. I got my valves adjusted, others got their fuel injection systems and exhaust systems adjusted. Joe has many spare parts that we can disassemble for our own education. Any topic you are curious about can be addressed by somebody there.

For details, follow our discussion thread here:

Thank you and I hope to see you there.

Rodd Masteller
1994 E420 @ 88,000 miles
1966 230SL @ unknown miles
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