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Hello all! I would like to do a front brake job on my friend's 2000 C280, with pads and rotors. I just did the same on my mother's Subaru Impreza, and the bolts that hold the caliper support bracket to the steering knuckle were very tough to get out, and I had to go to the dealer and replace one of the bolts. I would like to have at least a couple of these bolts on hand for the Benz when I do those, and am wondering where I can get them. Can I buy them at a parts store or do I have to get them OEM, and if they're OEM only what is the part number? To be clear I don't want the slide pins, just the support bracket bolts to the steering. Is there anything else I need to know about doing a brake job on a W202? Should I replace the screws that hold the rotor to the hub too? Thanks!
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