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Ok so most you w123 owners know that they smoke sometimes rather you like it or not, its a diesel for god shake. Well I have no idea what i was doing at the time but someone reported my car, I just got home and found a letter in the box, I was great which one of my cars do they want to buy now. I open it up and see someone reported me?? I know my car smokes when it is idling or when its cold out. I need to get the nozzels checked and rebulit sooner or later but I don't smoke when I am driving. I just thought this was very interesting that there is a program out like this and that they can fine you. I know there is no smog check required on a diesel or a car older then 1976. So I thought they couldn't do anything to you. Have any of you guys in the bay area gotten one of these?? and what happens if you don't return their questioner??
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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