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'99 CLK 320 Cabriole
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UGH....not a good week. I was out in the country this past Wednesday when I got a flat tire. AAA was there to change it PDQ, but I had to remove the wind deflector in its canvas case from the trunk in order to get at the spare tire. I leaned it up against the passenger side of the car while the tire was changed.

When the spare was on, I jumped into the car to leave, completely forgetting about the wind deflector still outside.

Well, I didn't give it another thought until today when I thought I'd drop the top and head out for a ride WITH the wind deflector. When I popped the trunk and did NOT see it, I realized instantly that I had left it out in the country where I got the flat.

Well, I raced back out to the spot where I had the flat, and of course, I did not find it.

Anyone know anything about replacing the wind deflector? Where can I find one? How much? Any chance of finding one used (doubtful, I know)?

Hope you folks can give me some guidance. I've learned a hard, and probably expensive, lesson.

Thank you in advance.
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