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2019 C43 AMG
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I recently bought a C43 for my wife. We managed to get a AMG Driving Academy included in the purchace since we ordered the car before they changed the rules in April. We also took a trip to Germany recently and stopped in Affalterbach for a factory tour. Overall, I am completely blown away with how AMG treats customers. Like VIPs! I have two Porsches and I am treated like a regular guy by Porsche. The AMG treatment is a nice bonus to a great car!

I own a GT4 and recently started tracking it. I have meet some other couples at the track and was always a bit envious of that experience but never thought my wife would be into it. Well, she was apprehensive about the Driving Academy but I convinced her to go for it. She loved it. So after the event I went out on a limb and invited her to track with me She agreed!

So this week we did a 2 day track event at Lime Rock Park with PCA. Amazingly she had a blast! The AMG did really well on track. Her instructor flogged it for two laps and also raved. It is a great car. My wife loves it. She already approved about track day for us in September. I am excited to have a track partner.

One question... I can't find the tow hook in her car. The manual says it is in the trunk but I checked everywhere and pulled the floor panel hit found nothing. I plan to ask the dealer but thought I would start here.

Every thread is better with pics so:

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