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1991 300TE, 1986 190 2.3, 2005 C230
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I was looking to buy an E320 wagon until I came across the c36.

There are a lot of E-class cars out there, so there is a lot of information as to what kinds of things to look for and beware of when buying an E-class.

The c36 isn't quite as common, but I have seen quite a few people looking to buy. Is there anyone out there that has the experience with these cars to put together a checklist of some sort? What to beware of especially?

What parts should have been replaced by 100k? Does the wiring harness get crusty like the E320? Common leaks or failures? What kind of repair bills to expect? Will the brakes really cost 800-1500 dollars to replace? Does this include labor? Are the hand-built AMG engines generally less likely to fail because of the care with tolerances and construction?

What types of parts are interchangeable with the C-Class? S and SL-Class?

I know that I have a lot of questions for my first post. If these answers are available in other threads or you know of any c36 websites with this info let me know. Thanks in advance!
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