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I am parting out two Mercedes Benz C36 AMG sedans (1995 / 1996) for a project that I am doing with my Mercedes G-Wagon. Most of the stuff from the 1st car is gone, and I am starting on the 2nd car this week.

The following is available (or can be quickly pulled from the car). I would really prefer to sell this as a complete upgrade set. This is a major HP increase from the standard M104 engine. Both the transmission and differential ran different gear ratios (compared to the standard cars) to take advantage of this engine's power and RPM curves. If you are upgrading a C280 or E320, the entire drivetrain is available:
AMG Engine - AMG Transmission - AMG Differential - AMG Brakes

AMG 3.6L (M104.941)
- The engine is currently a short block with accessories removed.
- ECU (Pre-DAS w/ No VIN Lockout)
- ECU (From 1996 C36 With DAS. Will need to have VIN Cleared)
- Engine Wiring Harness (appears to be newer version with no frayed wires or connections )

Engine Accessories can be sold with the engine or separately. I currently have everything for one complete engine, and some accessories from the second. It depends on who calls me first.
- Brackets
- Alternator
- A/C Compressor
- Power Steering
- Coolant Tank
- Please contact for any other components not listed

4-Speed Transmission (722.328) w/ transmission controller | I have two of these
- Transmission Controller

Entire Rear Subframe Assembly | I have two sets of these
- AMG Differential 2.87:1
- Both CV Joints
- Wheel Hub w/ Bearings
- AMG Rear Brake Calipers (willing to sell separately)

- AMG Front Brake Calipers | I have two sets of these
- AMG Rear Brake Calipers | I have two sets of these
- Master Brake Cylinder

Stainless Steel Exhaust with AMG Stamped tips. Willing to separate the rear segment with tips.

(5) AMG Monoblock Wheels (Includes the full size spare)

Interior (all or separate)
- Front Seats w/ Seat Heaters (Black)
- Rear Seat w/ Ski Bag (either bottom seat or rear back available).
- Interior Wood Trim
- Rear Signal Lenses

I have listed major parts which I think is in good condition. Everything is sold AS-IS and has NO WARRANTY. I will do my best to get you any detailed pictures of what you want. If you are interested in ANYTHING that I have not included, just ask.

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How much for the complete wiring harnesses for both front electric seat adjustments?

Also, if you could check which version of the heated seat harness you have, I'm potentially interested in that as well. There were 2 versions, one with an electronic control module (up to MY95) and one with the control module built-into the switches. I'm looking for the latter, it only has 4 wires, the former was more complicated, it had a bunch of wires going to that electronic module.
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