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C320 sedan Vmax?

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As far as I have understood, W203 C320 has a thing that limits the top speed to 250 km/ h (whatever this is in mph :) ).

Has anybody removed this thing? What is the Vmax without the limiter?

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Removing US top speed limiter

Ok, I guess I was wrong with the euro top speed limiter. Sorry.

W203 C320 actual top speed seems to be 245-250 km/h. I guess European cars go Vmax, but US models have a top speed electronic limiter. Since any other perfomance figures are quite similar, I guess US models and Euro models have same Vmax.

But why there is a electronic top speed limiter in the US models? And why is it set to a low speed? I know that in many euro models there is a 250 km/h limiter because some European manufacturers have agreed not to produce faster cars. I know that Texas roads are not the best, but that does not explain to me the reason why we need a limiter in the car?

I read European car magazines and have noticed that you can get the top speed limiter removed. Based on this, I guess you can remove the US limiter too.

Who does this? Where? And what is the price?

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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