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C320 real life fuel consumption MPG, Service manuals available ?

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I am considering purchasing a used 2001 C320.<br>
The EPA posted fuel consumption seems poor<br>
in comparison to other cars, i.e Acura TL.<br>
I would like to hear what people are really<br>
experiencing with the C320. Hopefully someone<br>
has some calculated MPGs, no l/KM please. <br>
What are the highs and lows people have seen ?<br>
Second, is it possible to purchase the service<br>
manuals for this vehicle? If so, where can I purchase them and what should I expect to pay.<br>
Thank you,<br>
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Expect 25 to 26 mpg on the road; have seen 31 mpg at lower highway speeds. Combo mpg for all driving is 23.8 mpg
Service manuals are not available. They are on CD-ROM and might be available in about 4 years at a cost of several hundred dollars.
Mongo thanks for posting some experience.<br>
Lynn, is that normal for MB not to sell manuals<br>
early on? Obviously most owners don't care,<br>
but I am not one of them.<br>
Thanks for posting,<br>
Mark, I wanted shop manual, too. I've had one for every car I've owned. From what I have been told, this has been MB policy for several years.
Lynn, did some one at MB tell you it would<br>
be 4 years ? I spoke with someone at the<br>
customer service # and it sounded as if the<br>
manuals might be availble earlier then that.<br>
I was told to speak with the Consumer<br>
promotions department for updates. You are<br>
correct about it being on CD, which is fine<br>
by me.<br>
Though, you have to wonder why they sell<br>
a car with out making the service manuals<br>
available. Don't Germans like to know<br>
how their cars work in a detailed manner.<br>
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My info about the four year wait is from other MB owners who have tried to buy the manuals for their cars.
I think that MB shops do have manuals, which they will only sell in USA - in Europe, for example, the laws don't require a manufacturer to offer manuals, and they don't. <br> <br> I understand that MB policy is to only offer manuals after the first vehicles of a model roll out of warranty. Maybe the theory is that nobody needs a manual before that - anything earlier should be covered by warranty and free maintenance. Anyway, the first W203's were delivered here in October 2000, so maybe we can get manual CDs in 10/04. Today MB will sell you the book which service mechanics got to familiarize them with the difference between the W203 and the previous W202 cars. You can order it by calling 1-800-for-merc. I don't remember what I paid, maybe $40? It's entertaining reading, maybe 155 pages, lots of circuit diagragms. 45 pages just on climate control system. <br> <br> Book is called 'Introduction to Service' order number P-2770-000
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Thanks. When Lynn mentioned 4 years I<br>
was thinking the same thing. No reason<br>
to need them until then, I am hoping !<br>
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