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I have a 2003 c320 4 matic. For the past two months the power seat on the driver side has been working intermittently. First the fore/aft (front back sliding motion)would not work. And sometimes using the control for the fore/aft would move the headrest (??). All other controls would work for the seats, just not the fore/aft. Then the other day, my husband moved the control back and it magically worked- but then got stuck in that position and now I cam unable to move it back to 'my' position. And to top it off, NONE of the controls for the seat work. I've checked the fuses, all good. I've also checked the connections under the seat- all tightly in place. Last night my husband took apart the door panel and checked the actual switch on the door to see if it was getting power. It is. The only thing we can think of (after searching the forum) is that it could be the CF (Configuration Feature) Relay K24 located in the trunk OR the SCM is bad. My husband took out what looks like the K24 relay (not sure), but didn't open it up to check the internals (we werent sure if this was the K24).

I called the mercedes dealership today to order the relay- but they have no idea what a CF relay is (can you believe that!) and they need a part number.
Can someone help me here? Desperate at this point as I am driving with a pillow to reach the pedals.....

I appreciate your help in advance.

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