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C320 auto seat memory

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My mom is experiencing a very annoying problem about the driver seat of her C320. <br>
As you know, when we turn off the engine and take the key out, the seat will automatically move back. Then, when we enter the car again, the seat and side mirrors will all move to your present memory location. <br>
That all works great for me. However, for my mom who is 4 inches shorter than me, that never works properly. Every time after she switches off the engine, the seat moves back automatically and that's ok. But when she enters the car and plugs in her key, the seat can never move back to her preset memory. She always have to move the seat forward maually for about 2 inches. <br>
I've tried her keys too, and that works great for me. <br>
I'm just wondering if any of you have the same problem. Because we have taken the car back for service, and those guys never fix that for us.<br>
Thanks a lot for your help.
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The keys have separate memories. Set the memory for her with her key in ignition, not your key.<br> This also applies to the other optional settings like temperature read out farenheit or celsius, digital speedo read out Kilometers or MPH, etc
Remember that the entry/exit feature returns the seat and wheel to the position when the ignition was turned off, independent of seat memory position.
Wondering If I have a problem in my car, or whether I'm just not doing something right.

2004 C320S, about 1600mi. This is my fifth MBZ and the third with memory seats. In the other two '86 190D and '92 SL, open door, press memory button your your "position" and seat slides back, head rest adjusts, seat moves to final position, (and in the SL inside mirror moves).

But in our new car, turn the switch to 1, press-in the end of the switch to get the seat to move and it does not stop or adjust to the memory seat position. It just keeps moving clear back to the end of its track.

Then I have to get into the car, put in my key and fiddle fart around with the door controls to get the seat set right. I've redone the seat memory on both drivers and passenger doors 3 times, with my key and my wifes, and the door memory just doesn't work the way I expected.

I need to know if my expectations based on experience are wrong, or if this is something I need to add to my list of things to get done at the first service.

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i had same problem.
i now set it so only steering wheels tilts.
plus, every time the seat moves forward, it touches the floor mat and detaches itself all the time.
c4791p: Its broken - add it to the list of things to do at the first service.
If you don't want to set-up the car based on which key is in the ignition, than set one of the driver's memory settings. This way, when she is in the car, your mom on;y has to place the memory dial on her number and push a button.
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