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Please help?
I have a 2002 c320 with digital a/c (so I think this model has 10 stepper motors to move the vent flaps in the dash). I believe there is a faulty stepper motor in behind the glovebox as it clicks loudly for about a minute on starting the car.
I have successfully stripped the dash/center console and also removed the glovebox and located the 'problem motor' location to behind the blower/charcoal filters (M2/5 or M2/9 motors). How on earth do I get to them!!!
Does any know how to remove the housing thet the blower and filters reside in. I am determind not to be beaten by this problem!

Does it require removal of the upper dash to gain access - does anyone have threads relating to this?:confused:

please help, my car looks like it has been raped at the moment!
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