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MERCEDES-BENZ DEBUTS RAPID NEW C32 AMG<br>New 349-Horsepower C-Class Marks the First Supercharged Mercedes-AMG Engine <p>DETROIT, MI - Having just launched the all-new C-Class sedan to rave reviews, Mercedes-Benz re-enters the C-Class hot rod ranks with the C32 AMG, the first Mercedes-AMG model based on this latest sedan. This new supersedan will offer all the value of the landmark C-Class plus the power, handling, style and luxury of Mercedes-AMG. <p>Powered by a new 349-hp, 3.2-liter supercharged and intercooled V6 Kompressor engine, the C32 AMG not only develops 109 hp per liter, it also generates an astounding 332 lbs.-ft. of peak torque. Nearly 300 lbs.-ft. of torque is available from just 2,300 rpm right on up to the engine's redline of 6,200 rpm, making for outstanding driveability at all engine speeds. Early estimates indicate acceleration from rest to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. And it delivers this performance while meeting stringent emission regulations that don't take effect in Europe until 2005. <p>The newly developed V6 engine uses a positive-displacement, Lysholm-type supercharger with scrolling aluminum rotors, providing usable boost virtually from idle speed. The rotors are also teflon-tipped for more positive sealing, quiet operation and long life. The Kompressor V6 also uses a specially developed crossflow air-to-water intercooler that reduces intake air temperatures, making for a denser charge. Other unique engine developments for the Kompressor V6 include a model-specific throttle body, revised cam timing, high-rate valvesprings and lightweight valves. <p>SpeedShift (tm): Higher Performance, Higher Intelligence<br>A new high-capacity SpeedShift (tm) five-speed automatic transmission receives specific shift programming at Mercedes-AMG, making for the liveliest, dynamic performance possible when needed, yet exhibiting refinement when driving under normal conditions. <p>Under heavy braking, such as when driven enthusiastically, SpeedShift will automatically downshift, selecting the optimal gear for the situation. Also, by tipping and holding the gear lever to the left, the transmission will determine the best possible gear for maximum acceleration in any situation. The SpeedShift transmission will also hold a selected gear under high cornering loads, preventing an upshift in mid-corner. As well, a new lightweight torque converter can lock up in all forward gears. The new SpeedShift transmission provides up to 35 percent faster gear changes than a conventional automatic. <p>Brakes Influenced by Racing Championships<br>The C32 AMG's racing-derived brakes are engineered with great influence from Mercedes-AMG's competition experience. Two-piece front discs measuring 13.6 inches in diameter are not only vented, but also cross drilled and " floating " - they are mounted on a circle of steel pins to minimize heat transfer from the discs to the hubs, spindles, bearings and wheels themselves. Rear discs 11.8 inches in diameter are also vented. These components can repeatedly haul the C32 AMG down from speed with racecar-like ability. As on all Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles, a four-channel ABS anti-lock braking system is standard. <p>With 349 Horsepower, a Suspension to Match<br>The C32 AMG's chassis is thoroughly transformed from the basis C-Class suspension calibration to provide the handling feedback and grip dictated by the new supercharged V6 driveline, yet the new super sedan retains the comfort of a Mercedes sedan. Spring rates are increased, shock damping is heightened and stabilizer bars are tailored to the C32 AMG. In addition, newly designed double-spoke light alloy wheels measuring 7.5x17 inches and 8.5x17 inches front and rear, respectively, wear 225/45ZR17 and 245/40ZR17 tires. These wheels also serve to withdraw air, promoting brake component and hub cooling under extreme use. <p>The C32 AMG receives its own unique design cues echoed by every Mercedes-AMG model. These are a direct result of research and development to minimize aerodynamic lift and maximize aerodynamic balance front-to-rear at top speed. A specific front air dam incorporates AMG fog lights, while rocker panels continue an upward sweep finished by the rear apron. Twin chrome exhaust outlets are finished off with stamped AMG lettering. Inside, the special instruments are joined by an AMG-specific steering wheel and sport seats finished in exclusive Nappa leather upholstery. <p>The Safety Standard<br>All Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles feature anti-lock brakes, full front airbags and door-mounted side airbags. Like all C-Class sedans, the C32 AMG benefits from curtain side airbags that work in conjunction with the door-mounted side airbags to help prevent head injuries for both front and rear passengers in a severe side collision. Akin to an air mattress, nine air chambers in each side curtain airbag span the full distance of the side windows from front roof pillar to rear roof pillar. In this respect, passengers seated in all four outboard positions are protected by these two innovative air bags. Unlike other side impact systems, these air-filled cushions can block broken glass and other objects from entering the passenger compartment that could cause injury. The two-stage main front airbags for driver and passenger deploy in two levels, depending on the severity of impact. If sensors detect a minor front-end impact, only one chamber of the gas generator is deployed, so the bag is not filled as fully or as quickly as it is in a severe front impact. In a more severe collision, the second chamber is deployed 5 to 15 milliseconds later. <p>The extraordinary Electronic Stability Program (ESP) - standard on all Mercedes-Benz models - detects an impending spin or slide and applies selective braking (braking one wheel, front or rear, left or right) to keep the car going on the driver's intended path. For safe driving in slippery conditions, ASR traction control detects when one rear wheel is spinning faster than the other and selectively applies the brake to that wheel to restore straight-line traction and stability. Combining ESP, ASR and anti-lock brakes, Mercedes provides an extra measure of security in poor-weather driving. <p><p><p>
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