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Hi guys, I finished adjusting the supercharger clutch on my C32, it had the factory 4 shims (2 thick ones and 2 thin ones) and kept one thick and one thin.
It went from 0,6mm (++0,025 in) down to 0,25 (0,010 in) before reinstalling the belt.
Gap specs should be 0,25-0,30mm (0,010 to 0,012 in) on the M112k (different from the M113k).

The problem came when the belt got installed:
1st- supercharger no longer kicks in (tested the magnet with external 12v, it still clicks and works and grabs the supercharger when the engine is on and given 12v)

2nd- The gap with the Belt on is pretty weird, have a look at these picture:
0,006 on the right
0,011 center
0,015 on the left

Noticed there was a slight play in the supercharger when i have the clutch off, but I didn't expect the clutch and its shaft to twist and be closer on one side more than the other.

Am I the only one? anything I might have done wrong?
What are you gaps with the belt on? Could any of you look it up with the belt on please?


C32 AMG sedan
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That gap should still be wide enough for the clutch to engage.
My eurocharged pulley was slightly warped due to shipping but with that it is not making any noises nor giving engaging issues.
Did you check for faultcodes related to this issue?

S500v 4M. '03 - S600 V12 '98 (Sold) - E320 4M. '99 - E430 4M. '01 - CLK320 conv '04 - C32 AMG '04
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Hi, I get what you mean, in this case the clutch is not warped per se, since the gap is constant not matter the rotation, it's actually more of an axis shift due to the belt cause by some play in either the supercharger internally allowing for such a pull to one side, or by the shaft coming out of the magnet drum.
Before the ajustement I couldn't obtain any engagement as it would do the "almost grab, big jerk, release" . Now after reducing it I have full engagement when the car is up to temps (above 70-80 Celcius) But would do the jerk and not engage if the car is cold and would throw "load limit is active" P20D4 (P1999).
The car would only do it when cold never when hot.
Since this improvement has been related to the gap, I'm leaning towards trying to remove one more shim ring and see if the "load limit" problem disappears completely.. that might hit to an expansion that happens when hot that solves something
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