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C32 replica rims / CLK grill

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Hello. I just placed an order for a MY2004 C230K with Sport Package. Does anyone know where I can get a set of C32 replica rims in the Toronto area? Or is there anyone with a C32 who is selling a set of stock AMG rims?

Also, where can I get front grills like the ones on the CLK/C-coupe for my C230K sedan?
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Hi daddymac, welcome on board...

In about a week I will publish a picture of new design grille CL style, it wasn't the expensive one or the cheap one either. right now it is being clear at the custom and like I said it will be here next week. I will be talking to the seller, if we can get a group buy. It much much cheaper than $625.00 CL type so wait a little folks.[:D][8D]
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