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I have a SLK32 and I'm currently looking to trade my wife's Acura TL for a C32 or slightly used E55. I'm familiar with the performance specs on both cars but I'm curious about the following also:

Interior noise level/daily use (int. and trunk space, etc.) - I realize the E55 is bigger but has anyone had both to compare day-to-day use?

Highway cruising sound levels

Real-life handling - obviously the C32 is smaller and probably handles better on the track but how does that translate to daily commuting handling "feel". Is it a big difference?


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I was going to do the same thing!!!


I also have an SLK32 and i was considering a C32.

My dealer has a 2002 E55 with every option. He will sell it to me for about 57,500.

The car has 20,150 miles and is in perfect condition.

I think I'd buy that instead of the c32.
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