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I need some help interpreting the problem. My car went into limp mode (check engine light went on) and idle is unstable (jumping from 1000 - 2000rpm). Goes 20mph and then jerks. Went to the dealer and got the following codes:

2002 C32

P2407 (ETC)
P2000 (ESM)

P2032-008 (Throttle valve actual value pot: line mixed up P0120)
P202E-008 (Throttle valve actuator: line mixed up/positioner fault P0120)
P20D4 (The load limit is active)
P203B (Fault of function monitor in electronic accelerator P0221)
P2050 (Misfiring P0300)
P2051 (Misfire cyl 1 P0301)
P2052 (Misfire cyl 4 P0304)
P2053 (Misfire cyl 3 P0303)
P2043 (Misfiring P0300)
P2044 (Misfire cyl 1 P0301)

My guess is that the throttle actuator went out, but could it be the MAS instead/as well? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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