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Hi Gurus,

Newbie here, I have a 2002 c32 AMG...As most of the members here who owns/owned a c32, I also spent (still spending ;) ) a fortune and patiently working on the car to eliminate all the faults and keep it in top shape ever since I got it used 2years back the only major issues I'm encountering now are the FF:

1. I noticed a significant power loss: from cold start until proper normal operating temp, power is sluggish and I don't here the SC engaging...I have a hint it might be the IC pump going bad or totally died, did a quick test by starting the car and shutting it off, right away checking if the IC pump is still ON..but no sign of life.

2. I had a star diagnostics pull some code/s and I got this code which cant be erased: "variable intake manifold switchover valve: short circuit to ground" I dont know if this is also a culprit on the significant power loss that I experience. Anybody know what this is? or where it is located?

Can anyone shed some light on the above concerns, I tried searching for answers but I can seem to get one.

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