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I am a new owner of a C32 amg-02 and must say I'm very happy with the car in general, but today something happened that made me very worried.
I decided to put the car to the test for the first time and get up to the speedlimit of 250 km/h, the car goes like a bullet, but when I pass 200km/h it felt like the car just put off, I released the throttle and pulled again, but nothing happened, once I was down to around 180 or so I went back on the throttle and got the first response again ...
I have tried pulling the car up 3 times now and around 210 + same thing happends, I suspect the gearbox, it maybe malfunctioning, as if it´s not able to get in last gear... I'm certainly no expert on cars.

Iv even checked the speedlimiter on winter tires its off.

Does anyone recognize this scenario? Would be grateful for the reply where I now sit and thinking of trying to refund the car :(

Iv Made an appointment with the shop but it is Not until Wednesday afternoon.
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