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C300 Luxury, White exterior, Savanna interior
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In my 2008 C300 Luxury, I imported contacts (Vcards with updated lat/long. coordinates using GPS to Vcard program) via PCM/CIA card. The imported contact is fine with phone nrs, addresses etc. (can call phone), except that the "Navigate" option is greyed out. I cannot navigate from these contacts.

At my dealer, we tested the same import into a E-class car, it was able to navigate from imported contacts. We tested this in a brand new C300 as well. It cannot navigate from imported contacts. With this I can confirm that the format of my vcards are fine.

Since I have huge number of contacts and wayoints from Garmin that I converted to vcards, I cannot be inputting each one in the Command.

Can anyone tell me, how to correct this in C300? Is there a s/w upgrade for NTG? Or I am doing something wrong? Help will be appreciated.:)

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