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C280 idle problem

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I have a 1996 C 280 with idle problem.
When engine starts, idle goes all the way down and engine stops.
I restart engine and hope for the best. Sometimes, I need to restart engine a few times before idle stabilizes and then I can leave.

Car stops when you put the brakes at a stop . On the highway there is no problem.
The problem occurs when I start the engine and when I brake .
I already changed the OVP relay but the problem is still there.
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You idle problem could be a lack of fuel, MAF, or bad ignition; or all of them. I would start with simplest possibility, the fuel. Change the filter and see if this helps. Your most likely issue is the MAF, for which there are many posts about attempting to clean the unit. Just run a search on this site.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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