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I recently posted about my AC not working and door locks/sunroof are slow working. This post is about my door locks and sunroof since i was told to make another post about it.

The front doors locks are slow to engage, and when i mean by that is when i hit the lock button, the PSE pump in the trunk area will make a noise and then the front door locks will slowly go back down. When i hit the unlock button it would do the same and slowly go back up. (The passenger side door would make a hissing noise whenever it locked or unlocked and i was told that it could be a leak at that door in the vacuum line.) The back door locks on the other hand wont go up or down when i hit the lock or unlock button and i cant push them down or pull them up. The sunroof would tilt up and stop before it fully opened and go back down normally and when i open the sunroof it would slowly open and stop 1/2 way and i can close it just fine.

Any photos, diagrams, or schematics will help. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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