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I'm about to embark on my first C280 brake job. This is by no means my first brake job ever, just my first on this car. I have new pads, rotors (they're shot) and sensors.

I got the car jacked up and the wheel off. The bolt that I believe I should be taking off to remove the caliper just won't budge...and I mean 'will not' budge. I'm wondering if anyone has a picture that shows which bolts I should be removing. My experience is that if a bolt is that hard to get off, it might not be the right one.

What I believe I should be doing is this:
1. Jack up car, remove wheel
2. Remove pads after tapping out pins
3. Remove caliper and hang it out of the way
4. Remove the 5mm retaining screw on the rotor and remove the rotor (with whatever attendent hammer banging required).
5. Clean hub
6. Install new rotor
7. Replace caliper
8. Install new pads (with new wear sensors and paste on the back)
9. put wheel back on
10. lower car
11. Drink heavily

Am I missing anything? Should I be doing something in a different order?
I'm stuck on step 3, here and it's really getting to me. I've done something like 25 brake jobs in my life and I've never had this trouble (I've done both disc and drums!).

The tech and the local dealer suggested WD40. Any wisdom on this? And after I get the bolts off, I'm sure I'll have more questions...I feel like such an idiot, but, I'm stuck (as is the bolt). So, back to the start of my lengthy post...anywhere I can find a picture of the caliper so I know I'm on the right bolts? I've researched this to death and there are so many different types of calipers out there, I'm overwhelmed. Also, should I remove the old pads before I remove the calipers?

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Aren't those bolts installed with Locktite? They should be hard to remove initially. I'm about to head out to the garage to install some Porterfield pads. Hopefully I have more success to report.
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