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2012 C350 CDI ,1996 C280, 1996 C280 (The Green Ghost) and 1997 C36
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I have a 1996 C280, recently I fixed the vacuum manifold which distributes vacuum to the vacuum accessories. The economy function now works, the e and s switch on the gear shifter. But now in economy it shifts earlier which is fine (like at 20km/h ,45km/h into third and about 70 into 4th with moderate throttle but it feels much slower off the start (like I'm towing a heavy load )and downshift only if kickdown is applied or sometimes it downshifts as needed to be. My bowden cable is tightend to the max stop and modulator is properly adjusted, in standard S mode the car gets qnd goes fine locally but holds gears for a bit longer . Is this normal or is something wrong?

The gearbox was rebuilt by myself and I retorqued and checked clearances were in spec
All seals replaced
The car goes great with no slips or rough shifting.
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