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C240 vs. 325i

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I'm trying to decide between these 2 cars and altho I like the styling of the M-B better I think the 325i drives better. Can anyone offer their 2 cents to persuade me to go M-B?<br> <br> thx
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I think the C240 is better as it's quieter than the Bimmer. I just bought one a week ago and I really like the car.
C Class is a really nice car, no doubt about it. 325i is quite nice also but a little bit rough ride, altought it is a little more powerful than C.<br> It depens on how much would you like power versus comfort and luxury sensation. If you choose the last two options you should go for a 'C'.
It you consider automatic, you will find that<br> 'little more powerful' BMW turns out to be <br> simply slow. If you like sporty driving style,<br> BMW will definitely fit your expectations<br> because its suspension and steering is more<br> tight than MB. Although for me MB is more than<br> enough (i drive C320). MB is the only one<br> company in the world which really knows how to<br> make an automatic transmission that does not<br> hog on engine output.
My 2c worth:<br> <br> The only car I have had that has been less reliable than my C230K was my BMW320i...<br> <br>
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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