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C240 Throttle postion sensor problem

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Hey folks I pulled the codes. indicated throttle postion sensor, MB tech said the sensor is in the accelerator pedal, i replaced that and still have the same problem. car will barely idle and shuts off the moment i touch the accelerator.
2001 MB c240, any ideas? I'm going broke troubleshooting this thing so any help is much appreciated.
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i was driving my ml350 last night and hit a big pot hole and thats when my acceleration on the car started to give me issue it would take a few seconds before it response. So i parked the car turned it off and turnn it back on and the check engine light appeared. Now the car will take like 2 seconds to accelerate. Got home woke up this morning still the same issue. is there anything i can do without seeing my expensive mechanic and if not what should he be telling me
I have the same problem on my CLK 320 W208, What I do to solve this problem is to disconnect the battery for around 10 min and then connect it again. Problem vanishes but with me, all the time I hit a considerable pot hole while accelerating, problem comes back
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