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C240 Throttle postion sensor problem

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Hey folks I pulled the codes. indicated throttle postion sensor, MB tech said the sensor is in the accelerator pedal, i replaced that and still have the same problem. car will barely idle and shuts off the moment i touch the accelerator.
2001 MB c240, any ideas? I'm going broke troubleshooting this thing so any help is much appreciated.
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i dont know if it is in the pedal. but the throttle position sensor is apart of the electric gas actuator or throttle actuator. I have to replace this on my car too as well as the Mass Air Flow meter. I will not let the dealer put these parts on as they are incompetent and I have been taking my car there for the same problem several times. they have fixed wrong things i guess so i will tire of the car and get another one. If i do this what MB dealers need to realize is I am not buying from them or another MB given the horrible services. Call around to parts places and Inde Mech and find out if it is in the pedal, which I doubt. try if you need the Mass Air Flow Sensor/ Meter as well as the Throttle Actuator.
It would be worth cleaning the Throttle valve...also called a slide valve.
on he W203 its at the front of the engine (not close to pedals)
They actually sell a spray for cleaning these things, Its a solvent.
If the valve is not seating correctly you will get many errors and the idle/acceleration will suffer.

Good Luck
are there any pictures of the location of the throttle valve actuator?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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