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C240 Kenwood Navigation Install Question???

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I have a 2001 C240 with stock radio and non-bose system. I was looking to install the Kenwood DNX5120 Radio/CD/Navigation unit. I know it is double the size of the stock radio but I thought I could just removed the tray underneath the radio to allow for space. Has anyone installed one of these double size radios in a C-class without massive modifications. Please help, all input is appreciated. Some pictures would be great also...Thanks!!!
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There is a trim kit available from Pioneer that turns the hole into a double-DIN. You might have to order it using the Euro part number, it has been talked about before. Use the Search and you will find threads with pictures, links, etc. Here is one example: Also you can install a Parrot bluetooth kit at the same time if you want, even uses steering wheel controls. Bose folks don't get things so easy as you.
Hey Zeet,
do you know if you can use the pac-swi-can in an 05 c230? i want to use my steering controls and no car audio shop can give me a definite answer...

Thanks.. sorry to thread jack..
It's a pretty minor threadjack. I'd go to PAC about that one. The 04.5+ cars have different connectors than the 04- cars, so they will need to at least have that changed. Not sure if the CANbus messages are different. Pioneer makes a kit for their headunits with the 04.5+ cars, on the chance you are using a Pioneer.
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