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Hello everyone! I have been trying to solve a problem with my car for a while when it starts cold. When starting the engine cold the idle seems to fluctuate by a couple of hundred RPMs until the engine starts to reach operating temperature. Once the engine reaches operating temperature it is pretty much dead smooth with the occasional fluctuation just not as bad, I have attached a video showing the problem. Any help is appreciated!

I Have replaced the following in the last 30,000 miles.

Spark plugs and wires
Throttle body clean and a new gasket
MAF sensor/ Recently Cleaned also
Camshaft sensor O ring
Intake elbow gaskets
Air filter
Fuel Filter
Breather Hoses/ elbow connector that goes into throttle body
Use only 93 octane
Car has 140,000


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Sinple fix

I took it to my mechanic and admitted to having done some self-servicing without the full knowledge of how to do the job. He fixed it while I had a cup of coffee and all he charged was the enjoyment of seeing me embarrassed. I think (guess) it was a vacuum leak from either not making sure that the vacuum hose or the donut seal was properly in place.

There is a YouTube video on this repair. It is simple, but obviously there is some very subtle detail that both you and I don't know about. :)
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