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c240 Automatic - problems when revved

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I have just got a used Merc C240 Auto 99 model...all looked good when I drove it at slow speed...very quiet engine..
I took it to the motorway and after few miles whn I came back to the slow roads, the car didnt respond to the acceleration, it just revved.

Something u feel when u got dont shift u gears properly in manual transmission....I am not an expert in this field...I fear there is something wrong with the gearbox??:confused:

I hope not...wht could this be ?

Whne i came home, I put this in park and revved the engine, I could also feel a heavy vibration (more like the car is being shaken) during high revv...

any help is much appreciated..

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So how many miles are on the car now?
You should have the transmission fluid level checked and see if there is leakage around the electrical plug to the transmission. You'll need to check for codes. A bad MAF can also make strange things happen.
The vibration you feel may be from worn motor mounts or transmission mount or a combination of both. B
That all depends on what the problem is. Did you do a scan for codes?
It could be something as simple as a loose wire or vacuum hose. I'd be suprised if it needs the mounts at 70k but guess it all depends on how well treated the car was by the last owner. You'll have to start by doing some DIY inspection work inside the engine bay and underneath the car. Check all your fluid levels especially the tranny fluid. You can also inspect the throttle body/air filter. There are many good write ups on how to clean them. None of these items will cost you anything for now. Like I mentioned before MAF's are a very common problem but until you can verify something its all guesswork and that doesn't work on Benz's. B
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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