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C230 discontinued in 2006?

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I am currently looking at purchasing a C230 Sport Sedan with the 1.8L Kompressor engine. I've heard rumors about M/B discontinuing the 230 in the summer when the new 2006's come out. Anyone have any info?
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What I heard was just that they were discontinuing the coupe. I didn't hear anything about discontinuing the entire C230. You'll notice that the coupe disappeared a week or so ago from the site.
i have heard that the c240 and the c230 are on their way out....and a new motor developing low 200HP is due in as the entry level SLK is expected to launch this summer. Both BMW and Audi have increased the size of their entry level only makes sense that benz do the same. If you are considering the c230 right now (which is a very good car)....make sure you get a decent amount off the price as you will see a dip in your resale value in the future.

The C Class redesign will happen in 2007 launching the 2008 model. I know it is very early but so far the pics I have seen don't look that hot of the new 2008 model...The coupe is no longer around and the new engines will be coming out this year launching the 2006 model. Hope that helps...
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