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I have a 2005 C230 Sport Sedan. The motor is the 1.8L supercharged 4.
Shortly after the car rolled over 50,000 miles the motor began shaking at idle and pitching CELs.

The local dealer worked on the car for several days. They changed coils, swapped computers and de-carboned the motor but ultimately decided the cylinder head was bad. Upright guys, they replaced the head under warrantee.

Now a year and 10,000 miles later, I’m wondering if the new head is a permanent fix, or equally likely to fail in the next 50k. So I have a few questions;

1. Does anyone know what actually fails? Valve guides seem unlikely for an overhead cam motor. Valve seats maybe?

2. As my car is a late 2005, it doesn’t seem like the factory has this problem figured out. Is the new head an improvement, or the same part as the one that failed?

3. Can a failed head be fixed, or am I looking at a new head if this second one fails?

I like car a lot, so I might keep it even if I think the head may fail again. I’d figure out how to have a spare head and gaskets handy and plan to do the swap myself.

Thanks up front for the help.
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