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2002 c230 stock wheels : 16 x 7

do u guys think 225/50 16 will be perfect and it wont look too big for the rims. or just stick with 205/55 16.

and for those sizes...wut tire should i get in terms in peformance. i live in

thanks in advance.

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I did this. They fit fine, make the car look more aggressive and beefy, and improve the handling.

later I switched to 17" wheels and tires, 225 also (non-staggered) and they don't look as aggressive that way.

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I have a C coupe with 16 X 7 OEM wheels.
I switched to 225/50-16 Yokohama ES100.
Fit just fine, handling is much better than
the stock 205/65-16's. Turn-in is crisper,
and ultimate grip is much higher. The
ES100 isn't the most agressive rubber you
can get, it's a compromise of good performance
at a reasonable price. I'm partial to
Bridgestone or Yokohama because I've had
great satisfaction with them. A Bridgestone
RE730 would be a good higher performance choice too.
I did note a 2mpg average hit, with this new
rubber. It's due to the it being higher performance
(stickier) and wider (friction).

Going 17" is a big investment. I too am in
NorCal and run 17" 40 series tires on other
cars. Nothing but heartache with damaged tires
or rims due to our shitty roads and the potholes
after this recent rainy spell haven't yet begun
to get patched. 17"s do look and handle better,
but the cost is more than double that in the
long run, vs. upgrading the 16" stocks.

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I also have a 2002 C230 Kompressor came with the evolutional package in a set of 4 - 17" RIM, 225 tires.
It does not look too big and feels like driving a high performance SLK.

the 17" Rim should fit on your car.

I personally like the 17" Rim.

I was in my MB dealer last month and he suggested putting 225 in front and 245 tires in the rear would be perfect.

I don't know by increasing the width of the rear tires would gain performance...any idea?
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