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C230 '98 starts but dies within 10 seconds

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Hi there,

This vehicle starts and suddenly dies in no more than 10 secs. I've pulled the code P0100 which corresponds to MAF sensor. Since I have another identical vehicle available I have switched the following parts without success:
MAF Sensor, CMP Sensor, Throttle Body, ECT Sensor. I also checked for cam timing and it is correct. The code reappears after 5 or 6 vehicle starts.
The fuel pressure is maintained in right values.
After several tries, I realized that vehicle engine keeps running if starting fluid is provided thru the throtle body, in that case the engine runs as long as starting fluid is supplied. The injectors were removed, cleaned and tested. I don't have a scope to measure injector pulse duration but I connected an injector test light and they keep receiveing signal and the vehicle suddenly dies. Pretty weird. All the parts I changed worked perfectly in the other car.

Suspecting ECM i ordered a used ECM but people in MB tells me that a new ECM can be programmed for that vehicle but not a used one.

The questions are:
1) Has anyone seen a case like this?
2) Are people in MB right about the ECM reprogramming?

Thanks in advance

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Faulty ECM was the problem.

Thanks anyway.
Did you have a look at the control module from inside? I would have expected some visible issues?
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