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C230 2007 Audio HELP! :(

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What are the largest dimensions I can get to replace my stereo? I have a 2007 c230, with a standard radio/cd player no gps.

My ipod connector broke off on my 2007 c230. I only use my ipod for music... So i am kind of in a hurry. Instead of replacing it, because I don’t like the interface (You can only see part of the song name on the small screen and passengers can’t control it the only controls that work are the phone ones on the steering wheel) so I am planning on replacing it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.
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You almost certainly have optical audio. If this is the case, you cannot just replace the stereo and must replace the entire system, stereo all the way to speakers. If you have HK audio or Bose (not sure which was available on the 2007) then you absolutely have optical audio. If there is an amp in the rear quarter panel with two optical fibers going to it, or if you pull the stereo and it has no speaker wires (purple, gray, green, white) then you absolutely have optical audio. This means your cheapest/easiest option is going to be fixing the OEM setup.
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